Our commitment

DID Adventures operational model is built around good destination stewardship that delivers nature positive impacts

Nature positive impact

We’re aware that tourism and transport have a negative impact on climate, the environment and society and we deeply care about biodiversity, wildlife and the communities we visit and operate in. Creating high-quality nature-based experiences that have a light environmental footprint and deliver community benefits is a key part of our mission.

How we minimise and mitigate impact

Møre and Romsdal’s best known attractions such as the Atlantic Road, Trollstigen and Geiranger are extremely busy during peak season. We recommend travelling to these sites out of season or offer alternative routes and attractions.

We actively support the development of local, sustainable supply chains and wherever possible focus on human-powered activities and experiences.

The equipment we choose is from high-quality suppliers that provide longer product life and reduce waste. We’re careful to avoid single use packaging and take-home waste and recycle. Our guides brief clients on their interaction nature and we have a strict code of contact for wildlife encounters.

Climate positive

We strive for a climate positive future and aim to go beyond simply making our trips carbon neutral. This means that we not only want to offset our emissions we also want to benefit biodiversity in the process, helping rewild landscapes and making Europe a wilder place.

How do we do this? We support Rewilding Europe’s landscape restoration efforts through the purchase of its Rewilding Credits for each trip. Our clients will be given the option to purchase additional Rewilding Credit to mitigate their international travel.

“Rewilding breathes life back into our landscapes. It helps us reconnect with the wonders of Europe’s spectacular wild nature. It is our best hope for a future where people and nature not only co-exist, but flourish” – Frans Schepers, Managing Director of Rewilding Europe.

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