Exclusive and specially adapted experiences for private groups

Feedback from customers

“Didrick and the E-bike ride were excellent. The equipment is first class, and he is interesting and someone you want to spend time with. I’m sure whatever adventure he cooks up would be worth doing”
Cory Ray
“It was an amazing trip – not just because of the landscape and adventures, but because of the people you gathered around us. I’ve been to many places and met so many cool people, but never have I met such an eclectic collection of characters. Really wonderful”
Steve Casimiro, Adventure Journal

Private groups

We offer tailor-made services to groups who want exclusive, innovative and luxurious experiences that are built around the group’s objectives, preferences and tastes.

We adapt for all ages and activity levels and adjust routes and arrangements so that you can explore at your own pace whether you want to walk, cycle or paddle.

Whether you want to charter an expedition vessel, see glaciers and fjords from a helicopter, go hiking, explore marine life, cycle long or steep, we arrange everything needed for a safe and memorable experience.

Holidays in Møre and Romsdal?

Our portfolio of carefully selected historic lodges, luxury hotels, private retreats and expedition vessels are our starting point for designing activity focused experiences and days full of adventure!

Whatever your requirements, we are ready to design a unique, fun trip that includes the best places to sleep, eat, cycle, paddle, walk, visit and relax. Whatever the weather and season.

Exclusive. Private. Just the way you’ve imagined it!

Local knowledge

Møre and Romsdal is where we were born, raised and have spent the last 30 years training, exploring and operating. No-one knows the county better than we do when it comes to adventure.

We combine operational innovation, experience, safety and flexibility with Norway’s most exclusive accommodations and epic landscapes to create unforgettable active and cultural experiences.

Suggestions for activities

Alpine and Summit Skiing

The best guides wait for snow all year round so they can introduce you to the best that Sunnmørsalpene, Romsdalen and Atlanterhavsfjella has to offer.

Mountain biking

Enjoy magical days in the saddle along the Atlantic Road, Trollstigen and Norangsdalen, or simply enjoy quiet gravel tracks that flow past mountain farms, ancient Stave Churches and hidden waterfalls.


Our focus on safety, training and technique will allow you to safely explore the region’s spectacular fjords and coastal archipelagos.


Romsdalseggen, Midsundtrappene, Saksa, Slogen, and Moldemarka offer a wide range of treks for all ages and abilities.


Snowshoes are fun, easy to use and a great way of accessing nature in winter.

Mountaineering & Climbing

Romsdalshorn, Vengetind, Kolåstind, Bispen… Classic routes with various options guided by expert local mountain guides.

Helicopter and RIB

Sometimes we need to look beyond ‘human power’ to reach the region’s most inaccessible places.

Snorkelling and Diving

The crystal-clear waters and colourful reefs along the Hustadvika coast are teeming with a rich and varied marine life. Explore this hidden world with experienced dive masters and marine guides.

Unique accommodations

Our trip designers understand that a good night’s sleep, the right fireplace and delicious food are cornerstones of any great experience. After a conversation or two we’ll instinctively know what is right for you.

Your guides

Our guides are selected based on their knowledge and leadership skills, but also for their friendly and humorous personalities. They all have long careers in guiding, and over the years they’ve learnt to think quickly becoming experts in juggling complex logistics while hosting groups with diverse individual needs.

Our guiding and experts’ network is eclectic and comprehensive. It includes ex-cyclists with a background from the Giro d’Italia, famous chefs, fishermen, marine biologists, historians, craftsmen and passionate destination stewards.

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